643 Capital Management Announces Spin-Out from McKinley Partners

April 12, 2012

“643 Capital Management”, a private investment firm focused on debt and equity strategies in distressed real estate, announced it has left McKinley Partners. Former McKinley co-founder Gregor Watson is leading the newly formed entity.

Watson’s acquisitions team, which has a track record of acquiring over 500 homes, is joining as well.

643’s team of more than 40 staff members has invested over $100 million in distressed single-family homes, and the new firm will begin with over $100 million in assets under management.

Emilian Halloran, managing director, joins Watson and other distressed debt team members to focus on short-term loans and other high-yield debt opportunities. Principals of 643’s debt platform have managed over $1 billion in commercial, multi-family, and institutional scale single-family real estate financing across the country. The firm’s current debt fund covers 10 states with a focus on mid-size $2 million to $15 million loans.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, 643 Capital Management is a privately owned real estate investment, operating, and management firm focused on debt and equity investments throughout the Western part of the United States.

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